Hong Kong to Thailand : Let’s come to visit Bangkok in the old city a bit

Hong Kong to Thailand : Let’s come to visit Bangkok in the old city a bit If talking about classics, it’s suitable for walking, taking photos, looking for delicious food. must be given to the Phra Nakhon side Around Rattanakosin Island If it was the feeling in the past when traveling to this side, would have come to Wat Phra Kaew Paying homage to the City Pillar Shrine

Wat Pho, sitting in Tha Tien cross to Wang Lang Pay respect to Luang Pho To, Rakhang Temple, take a walk in Tha Phra Chan Chill at Phra Athit Road It will be a feeling of paying homage to monks and making merit. find delicious food But when the times change The picture of visiting Phra Nakhon has changed accordingly. Become fun, modern, more attractive

Kopi Hey Tai Kee Coffee Shop
start early Let’s stop by to recharge energy at Kopi Hia Tai Kee coffee shop. An old coffee shop decorated in a traditional style like an old coffee council. Located near the Giant Swing At the corner of Soi Samranrat opposite the Bangkok City Hall The atmosphere of the restaurant is considered pleasant. because it fits in with sitting and sipping coffee Having breakfast in the Phra Nakhon area absorbs the classics.The restaurant offers food and beverages in the form of set meals. and a variety of single dishes It is a restaurant that focuses on self-service, which means looking at the menu, ordering food at the counter, paying, then waiting for the staff to call and pick up the food at the counter.

Wat Arun Ratchawararam
After the restoration Wat Arun Ratchawararam in a new look becomes a white temple decorated with colorful tile patterns. Until it became a sensation that many people came to capture the beauty of Wat Arun continuously. Take the opportunity to take pictures of the Prang of Wat Arun stop by to pay homage to the monks and make merit

Ha Tien Cafe
From Wat Arun, we took a boat across the river from the temple. to Tha Tien To sit and rest from the hot weather for a moment Go for an antique cafe style atmosphere at Ha Tien, decorated in a classic, elegant style to match the atmosphere of the old community of Tha Tien. Decorated with furniture and antiques collected. especially the highlight corner of the shop An iron staircase leads up to the upper floors. In the side corner is a set of wooden chairs in a very grandiose antique style. Come to this shop, you will see most of the customers are dressed in a chic, flirty style, wearing wide-brimmed hats. Posing for a photo, finding a beautiful angle, sharing it on social media a lot.

Get tired and move on. Walk to Wat Pho An old temple that has been invaluable for a long time and is the temple of King Rama I. In the past, we may have known Wat Pho for its reputation for Thai massage. or the Giant Wat Pho But when the times change Chic and trendy photography has begun to come into the online world more and more. making the temple tour start to be different from before From the purpose of just paying homage to monks and making merit, adding portrait photography. Dress up beautifully and take pictures with the temple in a beautiful angle. Called to add color to the temple to be more fun. Especially Wat Pho There are many beautiful photo angles ever.